About Us

Veggie Bob’s Kitchen Cafe:

“Veggie Bob’s” – Fort Langley’s original green grocer and vegetarian café-for more than 30 years.Long before Choices, Whole Foods and Capers combined earth friendly groceries and food service facilities- Bob`s customers enjoyed lentil soup and roasted veggie sandwiches with groceries to take home.(Ask Bob about customers strolling by the shop on horse back!)

Bob passed on graduate school when, dissecting frogs was a standard departmental requirement. His love of animals and the earth -is older than the business- it`s in his D.N.A. Although he currently enjoys painting and membership in the Fort Art Gallery (located next door to Veggie Bob`s), after graduating from Art school, Bob needed to pay for the paints and canvasses artistic sensibilities required. (After all, sales of life size elephants and giraffes were a little slow!)

Veggie Bob returned to the farming tradition of his forefathers. He began offering apples and antiques, from Yorkton Saskatchewan to B.C.’s Okanagan, from the back of his 1 tonne pick up. Veggie Bob found a more permanent home for his culinary and artistic talents on Glover Road when his father and he built our rustic post and beam building back in 1978.

Café delights such as home cooked vegetarian soups, cookies and pies, were added to the historic produce/grocery in the 80s by Bob’s Mom-affectionately known as “Norma Jean”. As recently as 2016, the business morphed again with the advent of Bob’s wife, (“Ms. Veggie Bob”), chef son Donovan Dick, and the evolution of an extensive plant based “comfort food” menu.

Welcome to Fort Langley’s oldest surviving business and the Fraser Valley’s ONLY plant based cafe: Veggie Bob’s Kitchen!

Enjoy the culmination of nearly five decades of plant based expertise in our house made (soon to be famous;)) vegan sausages- that even meat eaters LOVE! Try our gourmet dogs/toppings, (Portobello, peppers and roasted pear, perhaps?), Mac and Creamy Cashew Queso, “Mex-Vegan” Chili, “Chill” Chimichangas, (no one has to “die for” these bad boys although some would;), Nachos (with guacamole, creamy coconut based cheeze/house Mex-Vegan Chili and salsa), savory re-fried beans, plant based cheeze and artisan sausage mind blowing, earth saving Mex-Vegan Burritos, ‘Cravin Asian’ wraps, (with nori, avocado, wasabi and cashew creme), satisfying  salads, house brewed  soups, plant based house apple pie, decadent chocolate/caramel/’no dairy berry’ sundaes with whip  etc. etc..

At ‘Veggie Bob’s Kitchen Cafe”- REAL ‘Comfort Food’ IS Plant Based!

Price Range $ 10 – 15 or so

Culinary Team Bob,  Ms. Veggie Bob and Donovan.