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Naughty Nachos: Tortilla chips, cheeze, salsa & cashew sour crème drizzle
with Mexi-bean chili 12.95 Add GUACAMOLE 1.50
Tortilla Chips N’ Salsa 5.95 Add Guacamole 1.50 &/or Mexi-Bean Chilli 2.95
Daily Soup CUP 3.95 BOWL 5.95 Add Organic Toast 1.95
Che’ Cheeze Quesadilla: Cheeze, salsa, Mexican spices, tortilla 9.50
Add Guacamole 1.50, Slaw or Mexi-bean chilli 2.95
House Salad Mixed greens, seasonal veggies, House Dressing 4.50
Mex-Vegan Chili: House Mixed Bean roasted Veg CUP-4.95 BWL-7.25 Organic Toast 1.95

Artisan Sausage Buns:
Rustic Italian Sausages,house made with protein rich wheat kernels,beans,peppers,onions & smoky herbs/spices
~Add Soup or Raw Slaw to any Sausage Bun for 2.95~

#1 Veg-Talian Sausage Bun Sausage,Grilled Onions & Mustard. Classic 8.95

#2 Montreal “Steamie”Bun Sausage, Grilled Onions, Melted Cheeze,Mustard.9.95

#3 Mac & Cheeze Bun Sausage, Elbow Mac., House Creamy Cashew Cheese Sauce,
Melted Cheeze, Ketchup. The Ultimate comfort combo. 11.95

#4 Portobello, Sweet Potato & Pear Bun Sausage, Grilled Portobello Mushrooms,
Pears, Sweet Potatoes, Onions, Red Peppers, Melted Cheeze, Mustard, Fresh Basil 12.95

#5 Mex-Vegan ‘Chili Dog’ House Roasted Veg & Bean Chilli, House Mayo, Onions,
Melted Cheeze, Guacamole and Cashew sour Crème Drizzle. 11.95

Mucho Mexican:

#6 Revolutionary Burrito Artisan Sausage, Refried Beans, Portobello Mushrooms, Onions, Cheeze, Salsa & chillies wrapped in a Soft Flour Tortilla.10.95 Add Guacamole 1.50 Raw Slaw or Soup 2.95

#7 Chill Chimichanga:Artisan Sausage, Portobello Mushrooms, Peppers, Onions, Cheeze, Re-fried beans, salsa & chillies wrapped in a flour tortilla,deep fried. Utopian Comfort Food.14.95 Add Guacamole. 1.50. Raw Slaw or Soup 2.95

#8 Chilli Planet Bowl: Mexi-Bean Chilli,Onions,Cheeze,Guacamole,Cashew Sour Crème.9.95 Add Artisan Sausage, Raw Slaw or Soup 2.95Toast or Tortilla Chips 1.95

#9 Zapatista Quesadilla:Artisan Sausage, House Refried Beans, Onions, Peppers, Cheeze, Mexican Seasonings & Salsa, grilled golden brown in a Flour Tortilla.13.95 Add Guacamole 1.50 House Chilli, Raw Slaw or Soup 2.95

#10 Taco Salad:Daily Greens, fresh veggies,slaw,cukes,carrots,peppers
onions, grated cheeze, artisan sausage, guacamole and organic tortilla Chips. Add hints of Chipotle & Sour Crème Drizzle? Viva La Revolucion!12.95

More Plant Based Comfort:

#11 Rosa Wrap:
Fresh ‘bouquet’ of veggies,(avocado,carrots,cukes,peppers, onions, lettuce), cheeze & house mayo wrapped in a soft flour tortilla.11.95 Add Salsa &/or Guacamole 1.50 Soup or Raw Slaw 2.95

#12 Mac & Ease Cheeze Bowl:Classic Elbow Mac, creamy cashew queso sauce,
Grilled Onions, melted Cheeze & ketchup drizzle 9.95 Add Artisan Italian
Sausage, Raw Slaw &/or Soup 2.95

#13 Portobello, Sweet Potato & Pear SandwichThe ultimate Veggie Sandwich” (with onions, fresh basil, house mayo, cheeze & toasted organic bread) for four decades.12.95 Add Soup or Raw Slaw 2.95

#14  Veggie Bob’s Grocers’ Salad:Mixed Greens, Veggies, Seasonal Fruit, Avocado, Walnuts,House Dressing, & organic toast-40 year fave. 12.95

#15 KIDS’ COMFORT: Served with Juice Box, Chips & Candy treat.(Cause it’s really About them.)5.00
A)Soup &Toast with Jam B)ITALIAN SAUSAGE/Bun with melted cheeze/Ketchup C)MAC N CHEEZE N’Ketchup


Coffee 2.25 – 2.95
Decaf 3.25
Tea 2.95 (Selection Black, Green, Organic & Herbal)
Kombucha: Organic, Raw 5.95
CoConut Water 3.50
Coke, Diet Coke, Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Nestea, Zevia 2.50
Sparkling San-Pellegrino-Flavored 2.75
Vitamin Water 2.95
Real Brew Root Beer or Gingerale 3.50
Arora Fresh Juices 3.50


Organic Toast /VEGAN MARG 2.50
Sub Gluten Free Toast 1.50


Mom’s Apple Pie:Plant based version of Mom’s 6.25 ICE CREAM 2.50
Cookies N Crème:Bob’s Fab Oat,Date&FruitCookies & Ice cream.5.95
Ice Crème/Sorbet:(Ask for Selection) CUP or Cone 5.50 Xtra Scoop 2
Salvation Sundae:Ice Cream with yummy plant based toppings-finished with a swirl of creamy coco-nut whip Crème & two Spoons:
*Sea-Salt & Caramel* *Choc-O-Hollic* *No Dairy Berry* 8.95
Banana Split :Organic banana, creamy ice crèmes & plant based toppings including creamy coconut whip, two Spoons and utopia 9.95